Elizabeth’s research aims to identify the relationship between residents of Pathways of Hope and at-home gardening, with a particular focus on the New Vista garden on-site. To this end, she will facilitate a focus group to qualify the interaction, familiarity, motivations, and needs of residents with regards to at-home gardening. She hopes to gain an understanding of related life-skills that residents would find useful while at the center, and to produce take-away information that is tailored toward the real needs and perspectives of the residents. Elizabeth is also working with U-ACRE associate Sandra Contreras on a bi-weekly garden newsletter that contains regular updates, recipes, nutritional information, folklore, and poetry associated with the vegetables available, as a means of encouraging exploration of the garden in a variety of ways.









Holly Eeg is completing a preliminary GIS analysis for potential risk zones of lead levels in Urban soils near the Fullerton and greater Orange County area. She is specifically focusing on lower income areas, homes near major freeways and old industrial complexes that were built before the 1970's. Her intent is to gather soil data and use GIS to map out areas that have potential risk and may be used for personal home-gardens and recreation. Additionally, she is interested in teaching the community on how to be safe in preparing a home garden by using affordable at-home soil tests and looks forward to working on tutorials for children and presenting to the public.





Phyllis Liang is investigating food safety among college students at California State University, Fullerton. As young adults are more likely to practice unsafe food handling, she will be surveying CSUF students to see their food safety knowledge and practices. She also plans to design and implement a hands-on tutorial on how to handle produce safely. She hopes that this study will help CSUF students learn and practice safe food handling.



Jenae Melendez is currently investigating the affects of antioxidant intake (found in food) and its effect on dental health. She plans to work with her surrounding community to form a group of individuals ranging from fifty to ninety years of age. Jenae would like to take those individuals dental record, rate their dental health and compare it to the amount of antioxidants they consume based on a food frequency survey. She hopes that this study will enlighten her audience and promote the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.





Andrew Shensky is using GIS and web design technologies to create an interactive map for the school garden program at Ladera Vista Junior High. He is conducting community-based research that will bring together Ladera Vista Junior High students, faculty, and Fullerton Arboretum staff in a collaborative effort to effectively integrate technology into school garden lesson plans. Through his research, Andrew hopes to improve garden management, expand students' understanding of food systems, and facilitate learning in and outside of the classroom.