Dr Sara Johnson

California State University, Fullerton
Sara E. Johnson, PhD
Professor of Anthropology & Director of the U-ACRE Project
 PhD, University of New Mexico

Behavioral ecology of human and nonhuman primates, anthropology of food and nutrition, life history theory, medical anthropology, community-based research, food security, urban agriculture; regional foci: southern Africa (Botswana), USA.


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California State University, Fullerton
John Bock, MS, PhD
Professor of Anthropology & Director of the CSUF Center for Sustainability
 PhD, University of New Mexico

I am an evolutionary anthropologist interested in the joint influence on behavior of evolved characteristics of humans and socioecological and cultural contexts. My research agenda and teaching focus on children's learning, growth, and development; food, nutrition, and subsistence ecology; health and infectious disease; reproduction; indigenous and traditional knowledge systems; and human use of resources and effects on the natural world. I have been involved with research on these issues in Botswana and the United States.


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Fullerton College
W. Sean Chamberlin, PhD
Professor of Earth Sciences
 PhD, University of Southern California

Professor Sean Chamberlin teaches oceanography, meteorology, earth science, marine biology, and marine mammal biology in the Division of Natural Sciences, Department of Earth Sciences, at Fullerton Community College in Fullerton, California, USA, where he has worked as a full-time instructor since August 1996.


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Santa Ana College
Kimo Morris, PhD
Associate Professor of Biology
 PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

College or university: UC Santa Barbara (B.A. Zoology), Oregon State U. (M.Sc. Entomology), UCLA (Ph.D. Biological Oceanography) 
Hometown: Torrance, CA / Hanamaulu, HI 
Community partner: American Heart Association, "Kids Cook With Heart" and "Community Gardens"


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University of California, Santa Barbara


Daniela Soleri, PhD.
Associate Research Assistant at the Department of Geography & Lecturer in Environmental Studies
 PhD, University of Arizona

Daniela Soleri's formal training was an interdisciplinary mix of anthropology and plant sciences, resulting in a PhD in ethnoecology with a minor in plant sciences from the University of Arizona.
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