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Ladera Vista Garden

Faculty-student collaboration in the LVJHS project focuses on maintaining optimum conditions for vermi-composting and the development of activities and lessons to connect the school garden with learning inside the classroom at LVJHS. For example, CSUF U-ACRE students introduced LVJHS students to fava beans to demonstrate nitrogen fixation and they harvested the beans together and prepared them in one of the junior high culinary classes. Please visit the Ladera Vista Gardens page for more information on the variety of plant species grown here.

Ladera Vista Garden Ladera Vista Garden

Ladera Vista Organic Waste Diversion

U-ACRE is working with Ladera Vista Junior High School using BioSafe vermi-composting units to reclaim organic waste while producing vermi-compost for school garden and potentially generating new revenue for school

Ladera Vista Compost Brian at BioSafe

Pathways of Hope Urban Garden

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U-ACRE has developed an urban garden at the Fullerton location and continues through the student organization, Roots and Shoots, to bring produce from the campus CSA. Approximately 68 adults and 77 homeless children have been impacted through this by increasing their access to nutrient-dense foods.

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