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Contact Information

Sara E. Johnson, Ph.D.

Sara Johnson
  • Email:
  • Phone: 657-278-5762
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  • I am a behavioral ecologist interested in primate and human life history. My main areas of interest are:
    • Evolution of primate and human growth
    • Ecological variation and phenotypic plasticity in growth and development
    • Ecological variation in life course trajectories, including fertility, health, morbidity, and mortality differentials among both nonhuman primates and humans
    • Baboon feeding ecology
    • Food acquisition and production related to nutrition
    • Societal transformation and roles of the elderly among indigenous peoples
    • Women's reproductive and productive roles in both traditional and nontraditional societies

Joel K. Abraham, Ph.D.

Joel Abraham
  • Email:
  • Phone: 657-278-3138
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  • My teaching philosophy is based on two principles: engagement and flexibility. The importance of these principles in pedagogy has been reinforced through my observations of experienced educators, and interactions with a diversity of students. The most successful educators I worked with treated their students as junior colleagues and expected their students to take some responsibility for their own education. This approach requires trust between the educator and student, which can only be built by respecting differences between students and allowing them to learn in their own way. These principles need to be embodied not only in the attitude of the educator, but also in the structure of the course. Doing so can help transform a course into a collaborative endeavor, and I believe it creates a more lasting impression on students.

Debra Redsteer