Welcome to CSUF PowerSaveCampus

What We Do
PowerSave Campus is a student-driven energy efficiency education program that promotes careers in the field, generates actual energy savings, increases awareness of the importance of energy efficiency, and encourages academic infusion of sustainability concepts.

Our projects range from energy audits and assessments, residential and laboratory energy competitions, intern-led and faculty sponsored academic courses, green career fairs, and energy efficiency technology retrofits. CSUF PowerSave Campus interns work closely with faculty, staff, administrators and other students to engage them in their projects, spearheading educational campaigns that involve the entire campus community.

How We Choose Our Projects
We prioritize on projects that educate the campus community on energy efficiency, achieves energy savings, and encourages the next generation of energy efficiency professionals through:

venn diagram

CSUF PowerSave Campus promotes energy efficiency outreach through educational campaigns. These include but are not limited to green festivals, tabling events, educational posters, and monthly campus newsletters about program activities. We build pathways to green careers through trainings, mentorships, internships, volunteer opportunities, and project-based learning. Infusing energy and energy efficiency concepts into academic curricula is a key component of the PowerSave Campus program. In addition, we measure energy savings through research into and implementation of energy efficiency best practices, educational campaigns, and facilitation of retrofits.