I-CAN MONKEY BUSINESS AND U-ACRE PARTICIPANTS: Please click through for the data entry form for each farm visit. You should complete this form each time you work at the farm. I-CAN Farm Data CollectionOpens in new window .

STUDENTS: Please read these instructions carefully, and do NOT proceed until the procedure is clear. These opportunitites are open to students in certain sections of ANTH 315. Your instructor will have provided you with information.

You must bring water and a hat and wear closed-toe shoes (no sandals are permitted).

ANTH 315 students will register for twenty one-hour blocks.  Note that all times for ANTH 315 students are in one-hour blocks from 1PM-5PM Monday/Wednesday/Friday in the Arboretum Farm. Ypu may register for more than one one-hour block per day.

Do NOT click the 'Check When Volunteer Time Completed' on the form until AFTER you have completed the activity at the Arboretum, meaning that you will return to the form AFTER you have physically gone to the Arboretum and participated in the volunteer activity for the required time. Do NOT click the 'Check When Volunteer Time Completed' when filling out the form for the first time.

Please click through on the links below to register for the Arboretum student activities for ANTH 315.

Click to register for ANTH 315 students